An Italian restaurant close to Stavanger is looking for an a la carte chef

They need good people in the kitchen! You will get to make exciting food from first-class ingredients and work with others who love good food! Either you know a lot, or you are hungry to learn more.
Exciting food with solid roots in Italian and American food culture, an interior that you find cozy, and music that complements a good meal.
Large selection of dishes: you get the best of both worlds – pizza and pasta, but also many other exciting dishes you might not think of until you see them presented on the menu, like burgers, fish dishes and salads. The main menu is served throughout our opening hours.

– A position in a modern restaurant
– High-quality food concept: all the food from scratch
– Great colleagues
– Grow your skillset working with talented chefs
– A chance to work with new and varied menus
– Multilingual and professional team

– 3-5 years experience in an a la carte restaurant as a chef
– Basic knowledge of food and wine, and a strong interest in them
– Happy and positive attitude
– Experience running a section in a kitchen alone
They are looking for a chef who can work independently but also in a team.

After 6 months, it’s possible to prolong contract a long-term contract.

Location: Ålgård
Working period: 01.04.2023 -31.09.2023 with the possibility to prolong to long-term offer
Salary for chefs: 215-225 NOK/h+10,2% vacation money
Accommodation: 3000 NOK/month, staff housing

The average working hours per month are 168 h.
The approximate monthly salary with normal hours is 220*168*10,2%= 40729 NOK before taxes (vacation money and overtime addition of 50% would be paid at the end of the contract). Taxes are ~25%.
Overtime addition: 50% (summarized working time with the calculation period of the whole working period).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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