Welcome to Norway – the land of opportunities!

In Norway you will meet new challenges, new systems and new people. You will learn about new values and traditions and culture. Job Norway will help you to find out about your rights, opportunities and responsibilities in Norway.  


Approximately 5.3 million people live in Norway and most of them live in big towns and cities. Oslo is the capital of Norway with a population of about 670.000 people. In Norway there are about 710.000 immigrants from over 200 countries. The biggest immigrant populations come from Poland, Lithuania, Somalia, Sweden, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Germany and Philippines. In Oslo there are about 189.000 immigrants.


Norway is a democratic country. People choose their representatives to the Storting – the Norwegian parliament - and for the country and municipal authorities. Norway is a monarchy, but the King has no real power. The Storting and the government are the most powerful political bodies in the country.


Norway is governed by Norwegian laws, which are adopted by the Storting. Everyone who lives in Norway must follow Norwegian laws. Not knowing the law and thus ignoring it will not release you from this responsibility.

Driving licence

You need to have a valid driving license in order to drive a car in Norway. If you have a driving license from another country, the Norwegian authorities must first approve it. A valid EU-driving licence gives you a permission to drive a car in Norway.